Grocery Grab

2nd Annual Kiwanis Grocery Grab Raffle

Congratulations to Our Winner - Robyn Cothren!


Grocery Grab is a 10-minute timed run through Foodland. You may fill your cart with as many food items as possible before your time is up. You take everything home at NO ADDITIONAL COST! 

  - Limit of 10 minutes to grab groceries, up to $750. Limit 2 per item.

   - Non-grocery items, like beer and tobacco, are exempt.

   - Only one person may grab groceries. Use as many carts as needed.

   - You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the raffle.

   - You may designate an alternate grocery grabber that is 18 or more years of age.

   - The drawing will be held on January 15. We will contact the winner after the drawing.

100% of the proceeds from Grocery Grab help fund Blairsville Kiwanis Club’s many projects supporting our youth and community.

local food resources for families

Family Connection - 706.835.4351

First Baptist Church Blairsville - 706.745.2469

House of Prayer - 706.745.5925

New Union Baptist Church - 706.435.8819

Ninth District Opportunity/UC Food Pantry - 706.745.6596

Liberty Baptist Church - 706.745.8262

Mountain Presbyterian - 706.745.8036

Antioch Baptist Church - 706.745.4350

New Hope Fellowship Church - 706.400.2089

Jones Creek Fire Station

Ivy Log Fire Station